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Amy Neuhedel – Care For Your Birthing Year

You are pregnant in Sweden. Congrats! But what the heck is that “barnmörska” saying and how does this all work? 

- Feeling frustrated and confused when you turn to Facebook and Google looking for answers?
- Finding English flag icons leading to links with more information in Swedish?
- Conflicting information and opinion?
- Are you left wondering if moving here was a good idea even though you love this guy?
- Questioning your body’s ability to birth your baby?
- Just plain scared?

I believe that being in a foreign country shouldn’t get in the way of a peaceful birth experience.
I support families like yours as a Hypnobirthing, pregnancy, birth and postpartum coach.

I’m your doula for the birthing year. Your very own birth concierge in Sweden. I support families in person and virtually.

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